Investment Lab Diamond 5 Carat Brilliant

Today L Diamond Collector received:

Fancy Yellow Brilliant Investment.
  • 1 – 5 carat Round Fancy yellow Investment Diamond (possibly lab). The diamond has an asset value of £500k. Currently uncertified.
  • 2 – 6.15 carat Oval White Investment Diamond (possibly lab). Each diamond has an asset value of 375k. Currently uncertified.

The diamonds we are collecting on L Diamond Collector are purchased from authentic Gem sellers without gem certification. Please be aware that gems are sometimes sold under different names and coloured diamonds may be sold as other gemstones. We purchased the above Fancy Yellow as a lab-created diamond but have no paperwork showing that it was lab-created. Only after being certified will we know if it is a natural or lab-created gem.

*All gems are uncertified unless specifically stated. The diamonds we collect may or may not be lab diamonds. We are purchasing diamonds from vendors and companies focusing on diamonds for jewellery making and investment.

Current Additions to the L Diamond Collectors Investment Porfolio.

We received this week a 151 Ct. purple lab diamond in a cushion cut. The estimated value depends based on auction estimates from Sotheby’s would be £360 million. We discount Lab diamonds by 60% and estimate the value of the gem to be £72 million. The purple colour is tinged with blue and sparkles.

For investments, I prefer stones that could be auctioned but this coloured stone is a good addition to the L Diamond Curator’s gem portfolio.